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Pre Sale / Pre Purchase
  To most of us our home is our number one asset. While many friends and relatives believe themselves to be experts in property matters the truth is they rarely are. To ensure you buy or sell at the best possible outcome professional independent advice can guide you in the right direction and create peace of mind during a stressful period. Valuations can also be undertaken for investment properties, retail, commercial or industrial.

Many real estate agents are honest – but some are not !!! Remember they only get paid when they make a sale. Can you take the chance when the cost of a valuation is such a small proportion of the purchase price ?

Family Law
  Unfortunately in today’s society Family Law valuations are providing an increasing proportion of our work. It is important for both parties to gain professional advice from an experienced expert. Most cases are settled prior to court. However you should ensure your valuer is prepared to act as an expert witness and follow your matter to its conclusion.

Stamp Duty / Capital Gains Tax
  These statutory valuations are generally self explanatory although pre dated valuations are often required particularly for capital gains tax matters. We will act in the best interests of our client whilst still abiding by all legal requirements.

  It is remarkable just how many types of litigation matters occur. Some we have witnessed include: building a new dwelling in the incorrect position, building a new apartment building below the approved height specifications, misrepresentations by agents and various disputes arising from a contract of sale. All litigations matters should be undertaken with a solicitor who specialises in property related matters.

Estate / Probate
  We will be sensitive to the situation and act in the client’s best legal interests, whilst abiding by all legal requirements.

Resumption / Acquisitions
  “ We cannot stress just how important it is to get professional advice before settling any matter”. It can be a long process and quite often a court hearing or a mediation conference will be required to gain the best possible outcome. We have recently seen land owners settle waterfront land to the Parramatta River / Sydney Harbour for less than $100,000 losing their water frontage. We can’t see how that could have been “fair market compensation”.

Mortgage Valuations
  Most residential and small commercial, retail and industrial valuations are completed by “panel valuers”. While David Hayden Valuations do not provide short format panel valuations we can complete any other type of mortgage valuation required.

Rent Reviews
  We can act for either the lessee or lessor. These can be undertaken for retail, commercial, industrial or residential purposes.

Tax / Internal / Book Purposes
  Due to the various range of valuation requirements we recommend you speak with a consultant to explain your individual needs.

Valuer Generals Land Value Objections
  Are you paying too much land tax? We can complete a land valuation of your property and should you have a legitimate claim we can undertake conferences and if necessary a court appearance on your behalf.

  Strata Titled properties require insurance valuations to be completed on a regular basis as a matter of law. While we can complete insurance replacement valuations for your property you should consult with your insurance company to ensure this is necessary.

  Drainage, electrical, transmission wires, sewerage, rights of way and various other types may be valued for either party.

Property Consultancy Work
  This can be arranged for all types of property – researching the market and if required preparing a brief.
*** There are many other types of valuations which could be required such as the GST Margin Scheme and Bail purposes. Please phone or email us with your individual needs.